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Online training and coaching

Based on international corporate experience, we offer you:

Our online packages

Contact us to discuss your goals and requirements.

The biggest challenge is often the time zone – the rest we can handle. Its just a case of defining the scope, agreeing the content and planning the sessions. Lets us know which video call platform you prefer and we can discuss your training needs online.

Demo session

We provide a demonstration based on a topic of your choice


Only for new costumers

10 sessions

10 x 45 min.

Same as classroom prices

Sessions can be combined up to 90 minutes

30 sessions

30 x 45 min.

10% discount on classroom prices

10% discount

On demand

45 min. per session

Price on request

Sessions on demand

Next Steps

Contact us for info  ⇒  Define the scope  ⇒  Agree the start date