About us

Our Story

sukSEs Consulting was launched in 2013 in Munich, at the heart of Europe's high-tech industry. Initially, sukSEs Consulting was a software development company focused on products and systems for signal analysis, GUI development and FPGA programming. Testing and technical writing supported the software development.

The in-depth knowhow gained through testing and documentation  lead to a demand for trainings and workshops. Since 2013, we have supported our customers and their clients in over 40 countries, worldwide.  

The service business continued to grow and now includes:

  • development of trainings and e-learning packages
  • delivering practical and theoretical trainings
  • translation of technical documentation and user interfaces
  • testing state-of-the-art products and systems. 

Today, sukSEs Consulting provides a wide range of services to organizations in high-tech sectors, such as defense, radio and telecommunications.

Our core competences

We provide essential services to the software industry, high-tech OEMs and systems integrators, worldwide.

Our core competences are:

Our priority

  • Make your high-tech products and systems accessible to your customers by providing them with quality technical documentation.
  • Support your commercial development in foreign markets by providing user-friendly technical translations of product-related material.
  • Enable the end users of your products to increase their performance through technical training, e-learning, or online classroom.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing bugs and ensuring an optimal user experience.

Why work with us?

  • Optimized user interfaces, bug-free products, clear concise documentaion and professional translations are factors which improve customer satisfaction. Our core competences direclty address these key factors.
  • Satisfied customers lead to repeat business and a great reputation. 
  • Allow us to show you examples of our work and see for yourself the added value we deliver and the synergies we provide.
  • Test, tech-doc, translation and training are unpopular topics in many companies due to the costs involved.
  • Improving your quality and reducing your costs - that is what sukSEs is all about.

Our Clients

  • A €multi-billion German electronics group specializing in radio-monitoring and radio-communication
  • A €multi-billion German telecommunications and systems integration company
  • A leading Bavarian high-tech defense systems  manufacturer
  • A specialized designer/provider of custom UAVs ("drones"), UAS and CUAS solutions
  • A leading German provider of state-of-the-art remote surveillance systems

Our Management Team

Marcus Wiethölter

Marcus Wiethölter - Managing Director and Founder

After graduation, Marcus spent 10 years in various roles at  Logica CMG Industrie GmbH. Customers were mainly large German technology companies. Having achieved the position of Key Account Manager, he needed a new challenge and left CMG to becomae self-employed. Working freelance in the field of IT consulting, he focused on gaining experience in the areas of software development and software testing. In 2013, he founded sukSEs GmbH and recruited Geoff to grow the team and develop the business.

Geoff Sanders

Geoff Sanders - Managing Director

Geoff graduated in 1990 with a BSc. (honors) degree in Applied Science (majoring in SW programming). He came to Bavaria to work in the Automotive sector. After 2 years in Ingolstadt he moved to a telecommunications consulting company in Munich. For the next 12 years he worked on projects for large tech companies in over 30 countries. He joined sukSEs GmbH in 2013, shortly after the company was founded.

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For a confidential discussion on how we can support your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Tel: +49 89 666 100 30