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sukSEs started as a small software engineering company based in Munich, Germany. Today, we provide a range of services to our customers, worldwide.

Our Customers

Many of our customers are globally active concerns who rely on us to provide specialist support when success depends on effective communication.

  • From product manuals to onsite support.
  • From operational training to technical marketing.
  • From GUI optimization to meaningful translations.

Our Teams

sukSEs employs skilled professionals with a strong customer focus and a wide range of real-world project experience. Our staff have skill sets which are both diverse and over-lapping. So we can build the best possible team for your task. If you need examples, let us share our sukSEs stories with you.

Our Management

Together, Geoff Sanders and Marcus Wiethölter have over 30 years experience managing people, projects and enterprises. Both have a sound track record along with know-how gained through working in challenging environments, for many leading companies, worldwide.